SIGNAGE Professionals


CLIENT: Hickman Motorsport

BREIF:​Design & Wrap a  completely rusted sprintcar

DESIGN: In-House

We run State of the art ROLAND type large format printers, these use exterior grade UV Eco-Solvent type inks to make sure your imagery lasts for as long as possible in the exterior, or interior, harsh Australian Conditions. Large Format can be applied to any type of banner, whether it be banner fence mesh or block-out, rigid or flexible signage, vehicle signage and graphics plus more, with the option of UV Clear Laminating you can rest easy knowing your graphics will be protected to last the distance.

CLIENT: Reservoir Hotel

BREIF: Design, Manufacture & Install New Signage.

Clean up signage design in a rustic natural feel.

With In-House CNC router cutting options we can custom fabricate your signages which best suits your requirements. CNC greatly improves the LED Lettering fabrication process to create the stand-off style lettering most commonly found in the shopping centre businesses, along with any shape cutting options, CNC options gives you the best outcome.


CLIENT: Bauch Timber Floorz

BREIF: Create a floor board design on his Fleet

DESIGN: In-House

Laser cutting is the ultimate solution for display 3D type signage, with laser giving the flamed mirror edge look to cut acrylics, your decorative high detail signage will glisten in the lights. Let us design & create your next eye popping sign with our in-house team.


CLIENT: Cantina Mexican Restaurant       BREIF: Fabricated Double Sided Full Color Wind Barrier Banner Signage    DESIGN: by Studio Ink

CLIENT:Total Fitouts Central Vic

BREIF: Fab & Install SANITY Flamed Edge Front Counter Signage

DESIGN: Supplied by Total Fitouts Central Vic

Once again, with the use of state of the art ROLAND type large format plotting hardware, these machines produce the most precise type cutting for vinyl wrapping, signages and decalling. With films ranging from 6 months right up to air-escape technology for changing the color of your vehicle, these films are truely amazing with the wide variety of colours to choose from over various different film companies, we will find your favourite color the first time . . . and after years of use, if you don't like it anymore simply remove it to give you the perfect paint shine like new.