HONDA SL100 'STEPH',  XL100 'binnit'

After listening to my concerns about obtaining a GnR Pinnie, a good friend (Love your work Ang!!) found me a pre-loved Guns n Roses Data East Original Pinball machine, she was is all sorts of trouble. We then completely tore her down, painstakingly all the art was re-drawn, play field all re-touched by brush and clear coated about a dozen times! Fully cleaned along with new parts fitted and put back together before being sent to Melbourne for a full ROM make-over. All came back beautiful so then we had to make the seat to match! Give us an email on the contact page if yr interested in a seat to match your machine! Will Put photos up as soon as i find them! Oh, and Ang, i love the woofer kit you put in it!!!

After finding couple of old ST & CT70's sitting together in a back shed in Heathcote Victoria . . . I decided to restore the CT back to its glory days (still in progress!) and make the ST a custom based on the 100th (2003) Harley Davidson color scheme of Black over silver, with a little more power by adding a 140cc from the stock 50!! . . . Here are some photos of where we are at with it, now off to Hong & Dan for the fine tuning.

Stayed tuned for the new 'Bin It Now' projects as the Missus puts it!!!

HONDA - ST70 - 'HD'

Honda - Z50J1 - 'heff'

Originally finding these two babies at the local swap meet here in Bendigo, myself and "ole mate' Ol from Olly's Chrome Shop (did i mention he's actually not a bad electroplater!! Click here to see his work!!!) decided to get these gleaming as they did in the 70's! After ripping them down, Paint stripping and bead blasting, hitting with fresh paint, graphics, polishing, chrome, engine re-building and clean up we ended up with this! I amended the rear tail light setup (all bolt on and off to get back to original) with a softail rear bar to make it a bit interesting, sent him off to the motor doctors (thanks Hong & Dan!!) and off she flies!!


CT70 'holly'

As a bit of fun outside hours, below are a few restoration projects we have been having fun with after completing our priority signage projects. Please contact us through our contact page if we can help you with your paint, graphics or tear down, alternatively,  let us know if you want us to take a look at completing a project for you, please be patient as this process takes a lot of time!. PLEASE CONTACT US HERE IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN SELLING YOUR OLD 'FARM FRESH' BIKES, PINBALLS, ONE ARM BANDITS OR ANYTHING INTERESTINGLY OLD. YOUNG BRENDAN WOULD BE GREATLY INTERESTED IN YOUR OLD OIL TINS AND OIL MEMORABILIA.


'Holly' is now well underway. A full day of strip down, bag and label and then all parts and frame off to paint stripping, bead blasting and preparing!!! Once fully prepared and etch coated we finished with three part DNA paint finishing. All new wiring loom with original keyed ignition and helmet lock, complete suspension re-build and everything is going back on her like she was in 72!!! Now engine . . .  !!!

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